In the Media

When I first created this site it was mainly just a way to share some of the things I've learned over the years, and also figure out how to create a website.

But as I soon found out, the traditional media use the web extensively as a research tool when writing their stories. These researchers would stumble across my site, and the result has been that I have had exposure in the following publications:

  • Playboy.com
    Christopher Gates, a freelance writer, wanted to write an article on demolition derbies so we had a couple of phone interviews and his article was published on Playboy's website in January 2016 (it's since been removed from their website, but I've a linked to a local copy I saved).

  • Car Craft Magazine.
    The editor read my site while researching an article on demo derbies, and decided to give me a shot at writing and photographing the whole thing. I submitted, he accepted, and it was published in the June 2000 issue.

  • Maxim Magazine.
    This men's mag was also writing a short story on demo derbies, so the writer called me to ask for an interview. The article appeared in the December 1999 issue, with me as their expert witness.

  • Marlboro Limited.
    This one caught me by surprise. A fellow derbier on the net, Tory Schutte, emailed to congratulate me on my appearance in an article in this smoker's mag. Thing is, I've never even spoken to Marlboro, let alone give them permission to republish part of my website. It would have been nice to at least get a carton of smokes out of the deal.

  • Lexus.
    When creating a snazzy new website to announce the launch of their IS300 sports sedan, they wanted a demolition derby photo. I provided one from my 1997 derby.

  • Electronic Design News.
    Their article wasn't about derbies, but they wanted to use a derby photo in their January 2000 issue as a metaphor to illustrate the warring factions of different DRAM architectures (I don't know what that means either). They came to me for the photo, and now I can say I was on the cover of a national magazine.